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The Power Of Honing In On Your Ideal Client Avatar

Melinda Colon

Brand & Marketing Strategist

More often than not, newbie business owners cast their nets too wide, causing the few fish that would have been caught to get loose and swim away. If you’re not an expert fisherman, casting your net in a large pool of water will only cause you to get frustrated. 

Starting a new business isn’t about trying to speak to everyone, but to speak to the customers that will value your offering and in return support your product or service’s evolution. Yes, that’s right! You can actually get a client to tell you how to make your product or service better! 

You cannot be everything for everybody.

As a small business owner, you have decisions to make to get your product or service in front of the right people. It’s about understanding how to sell to them that really matters. You might have competition, but what makes you stand out – aka, your differentiator; is your personal ability to connect with your people. Don’t worry about being something you’re not, in fact, focus on your strengths. Let others pick up where you’re weak and where they’re strong. This is the ultimate way to steer away from burnout and building relationships in your communities. Use your confidence in the thing you’re passionate about to help you build on the “Know, Like, Trust” factor.

Now, as far as your potential buyers. 

Remember you’re an Ideal Client Avatar (ICA) from someone too. Realize that cold messaging will only get you to exhaustion quick! I’m talking to those people who are quick to send a DM with a message, “Hi, I have this amazing product you need to buy!” (you know who you are!) Instead, lean in on conversations on social media, virtual and in-person networking events, and other avenues that get you connecting with people who find your offering to be a solution to their problem. 

Beyond that, ask the questions no one else is asking, which are “What do you look for in a [insert specialty, ie: retailer, consultant, business coach, etc?]” Asking questions will help you come across harmless and allow the buyer to talk more about what they want.

I’ll share with you a tip to help you along your journey. 

Your customers want to know what you have for them to buy. So, instead of starting out with your bio and resume, initiate a conversation about them. Ask the right questions that will help you hone in on who your audience is. Because you’re more likely to have more than one ICA, keep track of your responses in a spreadsheet or a Word document. Create a profile for each of your ICAs. Why? As I said before, your ICAs will tell you how they want to buy from you. When you know what they want, what language they use, what your competition (who they buy from now), and what their expectations are in buying from you, you can set up a great relationship that will be easy to nurture and upsell. 

How to use your ICA

Your ICA is the most important aspect of your business besides you and your offering. Your ICA will help you get clear on your marketing and advertising efforts, create stellar social media and blog posts, and even create new products. 

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