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I almost lost it when the rental agent assigned me that car…

It wasn’t until I was sitting in the Ford Fusion my rental car for the week that I realized the power of branding and the number of details a good company put into its brand image. Every business owner should consider the statement their branding is making if their company will live through the test of time. 

On August 25th, 2014 five days before the big day, the day every woman dreams of since childhood, the day I said I do to the love of my life.

Exactly five days before our wedding day I found myself sitting at an intersection on Oakland Park Blvd in Fort Lauderdale FL waiting for the traffic light to change after a long day at work when a stranger walked up to the driver side window of my Ford Focus and said you need to get out of the car right now.

At first, I was kind of confused I wasn’t sure if I was being carjacked or what was happening. so I responded like any confused person would “what do you mean?” to which he responded your car is going to catch on fire you need to get out now. I was confused but for some reason, I still got out of the car and as soon as I did it blew up in flames.

Immediately I burst into tears thanking the stranger for saving my life. Unfortunately, he took off when the police arrived and I never got a chance to ask his name but if he ever runs across this article I want him to know I sincerely appreciate him from the bottom of my heart for saving my life.

Hence I was fuming inside when my enterprise rental agent assigned me a Ford Fusion as my rental for the week. First, my hubby gets into an accident then I had to cancel all of my appointments to pick up the GMC which was our initial rental assigned to us as a free upgrade since nothing else was readily available and a few hours later here I was returning it for being a gas guzzler to my budget and now he is assigning me a Ford Fusion.

After my last experience with Ford, I vow to never drive one of their cars again. But for the sake of not wanting to sound like a brat to the nice guy at enterprise who was switching out my gas guzzler with a rather pleasant attitude I quietly accepted the Ford Fusion while silently fuming inside.
When I called my husband and told him they swapped out the GMC for a Ford Fusion he jokingly responded you swapped the comfy gas guzzler for your nightmare 😂😂😂😂.

As I got into the car after receiving the approval of my rental agent upon completion of his inspection I forgot for a second about my bad breakup with Ford because I was being seduced by the technology surrounding me. What can I say for an island gal who enjoys riding with the window down while blasting the sweet sounds of reggae music on the open road I felt like a kid in the candy store cheating on my diet as I looked up and noticed the sunroof but it wasn’t until I turned on the music and the bass started thumping that I smiled and said in true fashion American made.

If you’ve ever driven a Ford you know what I mean when I say they hit the nail on the head with their sound system before any aftermarket upgrade. And if you have the slightest clue about American culture you know there is nothing better than riding on the freeway with the bassline thumping while singing your heart out to your latest favorite track on Apple music. I was amazed when I realized that Ford considered this when building their cars to represent American culture and they truly represented the culture well.

While I don’t foresee Ford in my buying plans anytime soon who knows maybe I’ll give into to hubby hints about the Ford F150 if Ford was to win the contest for the most comfortable passenger seat the world’s butts have ever felt. I think uncomfortable passenger seats contribute to 90% of all disagreement in the argument of which spouse have better driving skills.

Have you ever noticed the person in the driver seat rarely feels what the person sitting in the passenger seat is complaining about? Perhaps you didn’t get into the car with the world’s worst driver after all. Maybe it’s the seat, who knows?

Have you driven a Ford lately? Tell me about your experience in the comments.

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