Entrepreneur Coaching is right for you if:
    • You are thinking about starting a business
    • You have an idea and don’t know where to start 
    • You need help scaling your existing business
    • You want to create a lasting impact 
    • You are serious about succeeding 
    • You believe in investing in yourself
    • You know what you want to achieve but need help getting there
What is Entrepreneur Coaching?

As an Entrepreneur Coach, it is sometimes impossible to define what we do because our role varies depending on the needs of our client. At any given moment we can be an advisor, source of motivation, accountability partner, or friend but regardless of which hat I am wearing my goal is always to help my clients achieve success. Entrepreneur Coaching is a collaborative process to empower you with knowledge and insight to navigate through the tough challenges of life in alignment with your business goals.


Together we can build a solid foundation…

    • Clarify – your vision, mission, purpose, values/themes/keywords, your definition of success, authority, passion, intention, goals
    • Energy – relationship between you, your business, and other areas of your life; commitment; boundaries; personal energy management; sources of power; priorities
    • Motivation – identification and removal of barriers (old stories) to your success, identification and additional of motivating influences (new stories)


Purpose – Why do you want to build a business?

    • Identification of problem/pain point
    • Your solution/approach
    • The benefits of your solution/approach
    • Intentions for self, clients, larger contribution (community, profession, global)


Ideal Clients – Where do your gifts intersect with the world’s needs?

    • Niche identification/clarification
    • Client identification
    • Core messages


Offerings/Services – What solutions are you offering your ideal clients?

    • Core services
    • Free and Fee products/services


Marketing & Community Building – How do people interact with you, learn about you and your offerings, and engage with other community members?

    • Brand clarification
    • Developing your authentic voice
    • Promotional and relationship-building strategy (incl. social media, networking, distribution, etc)


Goals & Financial Strategy – How do you generate resources to support you and your vision?

    • Profit goals
    • Marketing/Relationship Building goals
    • Spending plan and priorities
    • Client and service goals


Accountability– We will embed measurable actions every step of the way to help you stay on track and maximize your efforts.

What are the next steps? 
    1. Schedule your discovery call
    2. We work together to concrete your roadmap
    3. Take Action!

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