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My name is Key McKay; I became an entrepreneur coach because I love teaching superheroes like you to use your superpowers to build the life you desire to live.

Being an Entrepreneur myself and having experienced firsthand the trials and tribulations of trying to build a business is what motivates me to help others. My journey began with no money, bad credit, and little to no support.

To date, I have over 15 years of business experience in a variety of industries. Throughout my journey, I have worked in a variety of roles doing everything from cleaning houses to being an advisor for CEOs. My diversity of experience is what gives me a competitive edge to advise my clients based on hands-on experience.

My clients vary from working professionals in need of help to minimize the risk and fear involved with transitioning out of the workforce to start their own business, to corporate executives wanting to bridge the gap between the boardroom and their customers.

As your business coach, advisor, mentor, consultant, and friend, I only have one goal; that’s to help you grow your ideas from a seed to a fruitful tree.

Are you ready to grow?



Part advisor, part motivational speaker, part accountability partner, and part friend - I work to help men and women like you get out of the rat race and build your dreams as an entrepreneur.


Whether your business is in the startup stage or in need of help scaling as a business owner it takes courage and humility to ask for help but remember every batman needs a robin.


Do you need someone with a fresh new perspective to engage your audience with thought-provoking ideas? Let's collaborate to take your event to the next level!

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