WELCOME! My name is
Key McKay...

I am your navigation guide to getting out of the rat race and building your dreams as an Entrepreneur. Are you ready to transform your ideas and exceed the limitations holding the entrepreneur in you back?


Part advisor, part motivational speaker, part accountability partner, and part friend - I work to help men and women like you get out of the rat race and build your dreams as an entrepreneur.


Whether your business is in the startup stage or in need of help scaling as a business owner it takes courage and humility to ask for help but remember every batman needs a robin.

Speaking Engagements

Do you need someone with a fresh new perspective to engage your audience with thought-provoking ideas? Let's collaborate to take your event to the next level!

Why Key McKay?

I became an Entrepreneur Coach because I love teaching superheroes like you how to get out of the rat race and use your superpowers to build your dreams. I believe your ideas deserve a chance to grow and you deserve to earn more than a living.

Being an entrepreneur myself and having spent most of my life walking in the shoes of an entrepreneur, I understand what you may be feeling: excited, nervous, happy, and maybe even a little scared. But I want you to know that I got your back.

I have experienced firsthand the trials and tribulations of trying to figure out how to build a business with no money, little to no support, and the odds stacked against me. That is what motivates every day to help my clients achieve their goals and maximize their impact.

When I become your coach I only have one goal - to help you grow your idea from a seed to a fruitful tree.

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